Mailed to all, filed with Board of Supervisors.

Case 244725 and 39-2011-00261552-CL-UD-STK August 19, 2011

To Attorney General, Department of Justice Spousal Abuser Prosecution Program 1300 I Street, Room 1020 Sacramento, CA 95814 Fax: (916) 323-5534

Attorney General’s Office California Department of Justice Attn: Public Inquiry Unit P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

To Gov Jerry Brown - How to cut unnecessary costs

To County of San Joaquin - Board of Supervisors, 44 North San Joaquin St, Suite 627, Stockton, CA  95202



LEGAL “ERRORS” - deliberately and maliciously

I cannot go to court to file FL-310 and Appeal App-002 - they will call the sheriff to lock me out illegally to murder me - see below. Refused any help for necessary Appeal, Retrial.

To superior court judge: Legal Errors in 1992, 2011 and DEATH OF ATTORNEY make necessary an Appeal, Retrial. Please order on FL-310 at least: Property Control to me until I own another house, car, income source; Prop Restraint Stay Away RESTRAINING ORDERS for Jesse Neubarth, Sheriff Steve Moore, Agents O Trent and D LANE by 08-26-11; CAR, SPOUSAL SUPPORT, ATTORNEY FEES COSTS. There is NO other option for me. BECAUSE OF ILLEGAL ORDER behind my back by JUDGE DEMETRAS BOTH SHERIFF and agent ARE TRYING ENDLESSLY TO MURDER ME, TRYING TO KILL ME ILLEGALLY! It is an emergency to stop illegal unnecessary time consuming and costly procedure 39-2011-00261552-CL-UD-STK which resulted in: endless murder attempts, despicable actions, irreparable damage to me, WASTEFUL SPENDING to everyone, and to make possible the necessary Appeal, Retrial of case 244725. I’ve been waiting for Property control to me order from January 31 Filed in the drop box two and a half months before Jesse to file illegal “eviction”. See his letter is attached to come 08-26-2011 and do despicable things to me for no reason. The truck is PNO, cannot drive it and I am selling it. Aug 16, 2011 we mailed and Jesse received POS of Notice of Appeal APP-002 of case 244725 and murder complaints with police because the clerk requested from me first POS then to file-stamp it. I have 180 days from July 23 to file stamp Notice of Appeal APP-002. BOTH CASES ARE IN APPEAL. PLEASE STOP MY MURDER WRONGFUL DEATH - I CANNOT BE HOMELESS WHICH IS DEATH MURDER FOR ME - SUING FOR MURDER ATTEMPTS NOW: PLEASE STOP THE SHERIFF AND AGENT COMING HERE WITH ILLEGAL WRIT BEHIND MY BACK TO MURDER ME BY ILLEGAL “EVICTION” FOR MY OWN HOUSE. OWNERSHIP IS UNCLEAR. IT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE. I’ve been living here in family’s domicile house about 14 years now and there is no other option for me - renting was never an option for me. Here from August 1991 to July 1992, and from May 1999 - Present. The 14 years old garden is mine and is worth more than the house - I invested both cash and hard work in my garden. Both my printer and scanner need replacement cartilages and paper.

DEATH OF ATTORNEY - I cannot afford another attorney and NO other help is available in California like in all other states. In Arizona these illegal “evictions” of married women are immediately dismissed as non jurisdictional on their Answer form a box checked - see attached. In Texas “Talk to an Attorney Live and free online” is available to everyone. Only California does not have any help and helpless women are unjustly and wrongfully murdered on the streets. Homelessness is MURDER DEATH for all women - I’ve seen women dying on the streets of Stockton. They asked me for help - I speak for all of them. Proposal: to amend ANSWER Form UD-150 TO STOP ILLEGAL UNNECESSARY AND COSTLY EVICTIONS OF MARRIED WOMEN IN CALIFORNIA like Arizona is doing it Right for everyone.

PROPERTY CONTROL SHOULD BE GRANTED TO ME From Jan 31 and until I own another house, car, income source for the following Reasons: This is the family’s domicile house which is community property and one half is rightfully mine - I acquired it by devise from our marriage - see page 3-4 Affidavit JUL 15 file-stamped. I did not speak English and my lawyer did not act in my interest as a result. Division of property never happened in 1992, I was never paid for my half of the house and everything was stolen from me by Fraud: my Land in Valley Springs, One half of the house, my settlement cash, all my assets were destroyed by Jesse and wrongful renting after it which was never an option for me. Jesse never needed this house to live here.  He held me here against my will “to GUARD THE HOUSE“ he wanted to keep for going to Calaveras County Land. Requested again Property control CAR and Spousal support orders several times and on the June 17 filed Application Form FL-310 file-stamped and again now. Requesting for fifth time these emergency orders to stop despicable actions, waste of time and money and to make possible Appeal, Retrial process.


- I am from Bulgaria and do not have another place or relatives to live with, cannot work here as a Medical Doctor, was wrongfully never HIRED ON ANY JOB for no reason 20 YEARS NOW, my income is zero $0.00 - THEREFORE RENTING WAS NEVER AN OPTION FOR ME. 

- DANGER FOR MY LIFE AND HEALTH: I have a chronic medical condition ALLERGY which is not like regular allergies. It does REQIRE ME TO TAKE PRESCRIPTION STRENGHT ANTIHISTAMINE MEDICATIONS, TO STAY AWAY FROM SUN, TO NOT WORRY, TO STAY IN BED, walking is prohibited for me - IT REQUIRES A STABLE and SECURE HOME AT ALL TIMES and CAR to avoid sun exposure and walking long distance. Car is mandatory in Stockton. I have to take daily supplements too. I wear contact lenses or eyeglasses which are broken - all of these require a home. - Danger for my Safety: It is unsafe for a female. - I am on FOOD STAMPS which require me to cook - and cooking requires a house. 

- It is impossible I to live in USA not owning house, car, income source. Therefore I cannot be “out of my own house” until I own another house, car, income source to be possible to live in USA and to move legally with papers - deeds. 

Please FIRE judges Stephen Demetras, ROBIN APPEL, sheriff Steve Moore, agents OTrent and DLANE for illegal “eviction“ 39-2011-00261552-CL-UD-STK, illegal writ #2011302839 behind my back which is murder attempts, illegal breaking in my house, the lock is broken and I cannot afford another, illegal search without a warrant ( The blanket was moved they were looking what is under the blanket, all doors were open all closets were searched illegally ) Invasion of Privacy, Trespassing, Lockout on August 16, 2011 which is murder attempts and death threats to me considering my situation described above. They came again on August 18 midnight and 08-21-11 to harass me: “Judges have long tried to avoid responsibility for their mistakes by claiming that the course of appeal to wrong rulings acts as fair remedy for grievances, but judges –just like other citizens– must answer for the harm they cause, even if a later ruling amends such harm through retrial or appeal to the Supreme Court. If the final judgment states that there was conscious breach of the duty of fidelity to the Constitution, the judge who caused such breach shall be held accountable for disciplinary liability and charged with serious malpractice –article 417.1 Ley Orgánica del Poder Judicial–. If any harm was caused by such malpractice, either maliciously or through serious negligence, this will constitute a clear breach of the law, and the judge may be charged with civil liability –article 411 LOPJ–. Lastly, if the ruling was clearly unfair as a result of serious misdemeanour, or if an unjust ruling was issued maliciously and knowingly, the due course of action shall be criminal … ” Judge Demetras knew that he has no case and no jurisdiction at all - see 10 pages given on June 15 hearing, ownership is unclear, I will appeal case 244725, no hearing should ever be granted but the case should be dismissed after I requested dismissal on April 26th, 2011 see ANSWERS file stamped - SUBJECT-MATTER JURISDICTION is DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE CASE 244725 and small claims court has NO jurisdiction. In addition, it was ILLEGAL PROCEDURE: the judge knew that I do not have an attorney and car, but nothing was mailed to me: minute order and judgment were never mailed to me, POS WAS NEVER REQUIRED FROM RUBINGER EITHER SO I NEVER KNEW this IS NOT DISMISSED UNTIL AN ILLEGAL WRIT WAS STUCK ON MY DOOR AUGUST 08, 2011. DEMETRAS GAVE ME NO TIME AT ALL TO RESPOND: ILLEGALLY BEHIND MY BACK DENIED STAY OF WRIT ON 08-12-11 - THE SHRIFF BROKE IN ILLEGALLY ON 08-16-11 NO TIME WAS GIVEN TO ME TO RESPOND AT ALL: ENDLESS MURDER ATTEMPTS and despicable actions STARTED AS A RESULT of illegal orders of DEMETRAS to wear me down by pulling me into court over and over again AND FOR NO REASON. AUGUST 16, I WAS AT the COURTHOUSE TO FILE APPEALS FOR BOTH CASES. THE CLERKS MONICA FROM ROOM 370 and LISA Querirolo room 303 knowingly and maliciously that this is Dissolution of Marriage case after reassuring me in front of line waiting people that the sheriff will come and lock me out called the sheriff behind my back to lock me out of my own house and knowing that this is a murder for me. These clerks wanted to watch CIRCUS and DELIBERATELY MADE A CIRCUS: THEY LAUGHED AT ME THAT THEY UNJUSTLY ILLEGALLY AND INTENTIONALLY MADE ME A VICTIM. Nobody needs murderers like them - they tried to kill me by locking me out of my own house. Please fire them to save costs from unnecessary intentionally knowingly malicious actions and procedures. There is PLENTYOFFISH who will do these jobs right. 

At hearing on July 20 Judge Robin Appel immediately gave me to self address an envelope and sent me to go home, knowingly and maliciously without any reason ignored all my requests for orders on Application Form FL-310 file stamped June 17: Spousal Support, Attorneys fees and costs, Property Restraint, PROPERTY CONTROL TO ME, injunction to dismiss illegal eviction 39-2011-00261552-CL-UD-STK, car for me,  AND CAUSED DESCRIBED ABOVE DESPICABLE ACTIONS. SEVEN MORE MONTHS FROM JAN 31 WERE STOLEN FROM MY LIFE TOTAL 20 YEARS STOLEN LIFE. THESE HAD TO BE GIVEN AT THE HEARING - THERE IS NO OTHER HELP FOR ME NECESSARY FOR AN APPEAL, RETRIAL. I CANNOT BE ON FOOD STAMPS AFTER EVERYTHING WAS ILLEGALLY AND UNJUSTLY STOLEN FROM ME IN 1992 WITH ILLEGAL DIVORCE. I wanted to be out of Jesse’s life in 1992, I was looking to buy a duplex like 1814 Concord Ave to have home, income and a normal life. But this was impossible all these years after everything was stolen from me in 1992, and all my assets (paintings) burned on renting or (garden) destroyed many times after it. 

Please FIRE THE JUDGES AND LAWYERS WHO STOLE MY LIFE 20 YEARS IN 1992 REFUSED TO MODIFY NOW: “judges” NELS B, FRANSEN, CONNIE M. CALLAHAN, and “lawyers”: DAVID W. BAIRD, MARGARET MARY JOHNSTON, IRVING M. CORREN, TODD CORREN. Please FIRE all who signed our illegal divorce-murder in 1992 stealing my life, all my property and everything from me when I was unable to fight them. I HIRED IRVING CORREN in 1992 TO FOLLOW DIVORCE LAWS WHICH REQUIRE I TO BE INDEPENDENT LIVING IN MY OWN HOUSE, HAVE INCOME SOURCE AND A CAR, NOT HOMELESS, CARLESS, NO INCOME AND UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING=STOLEN LIFE. Please Fire All who participated in 1992 unjust and illegal against my interest rulings stealing everything from me in their own interest - I was set up to rent very expensive owned by their friend and they gave me NO other option = STOLEN LIFE. SUING ALL OF THEM FOR STOLEN LIFE 20 YEARS.

To county: Please issue radiation free Employee entrance Permits for both courthouses. I  appeal C1105004 and C1108006 - even though the scanners are not yours, Issuing of permits to protect me from radiation in case of DEATH of my ATTORNEY, no car, no transportation extreme cruelty is your responsibility.

Please fire workers responsible for stopping my food stamps twice for no reason and with no warning for nine months and starving me to death twice: from September 01, 2010 to May 31, 2011; and from April 01, to May 11, 2011. Then falsifying my records after it - 05-15-2011 received two false records for April, May of nonexistent “unearned income” I never received and never declared. Correct amounts I received are: February - $0.00; March - $50.00; April - $50.00  May - $0.00. Denied any help for Appeal, denied buss pass.

REQUEST: I would like to hire Gov Jerry Brown only to attend Sacramento Hearings if I cannot make it to Sacramento. I do not know another Attorney in Sacramento.

Thank you very much! MK